About Company

Who the hell are TH-EY?

Great question.
TH-EY is a software development agency, with a consulting approach to everything we do.
TH-EY stands for:
  • Transparency – You have access to everything we do for you, from day one.
  • Honesty – If we see a better / faster / cheaper way to do something, we will propose it.
  • Efficiency – You will benefit from the wealth of templates, components, AI and internal solutions we have developed in house. So we can skip the boilerplate and focus on the core project.
  • YOU – Are the main focus of our efforts, and your long-term success is valued much more than our short-term benefits.
Some say… that working with us is like having an internal tech team. Others make us fully responsible for the tech side of their project.
We are not only a bunch of coders / designers / QA’s working together, and we know how to build software as a whole.
  • August Cayzer CEO & Co-Founder @ Common Surface

    TH-EY was able to provide all the features required for the output that the client wanted. The communication was made through Slack, Jira, Miro. The team was very easy to work with, quick, and efficient.

  • Anick Akbar Founder at Pixable

    Every member of the team was highly experienced and was able to find elegant solutions.
    Now, stakeholders' internal processes are faster and more efficient. Direct communication with the programmers has fostered a positive partnership.

  • Michael Zaniewicz Project Manager, Advertising Agency

    TH-EY has delivered a user-friendly, visually appealing, and fully functional e-commerce website, which received several positive user feedback. The vendor has showcased high professionalism, industry expertise, and efficient project management. They've also provided excellent guidance and advice.

  • James Collie Founder & CEO, Onboard

    TH-EY's platform is in beta testing. Nevertheless, the client still claimed that their partnership went very smoothly. The vendor efficiently built the product's features while also providing advice and guidance on best practices during initial discussions.

  • Harri Siekkinen CEO & Founder, M01

    The platform has been successful, featuring minimal bugs and meeting the expectations of the internal team. TH-EY communicates daily with the client to ensure a smooth workflow. The team provides quality results in a timely manner.


  • Are your applications GDPR compliant?

  • Do you provide support and maintenance after the project is done?

  • How much I'll pay for an app?