What is it?

Most software projects fail. Usually because lack of research, expanding development costs or no monetization model envisioned upfront.

We’ve seen this too many times and decided to address this with a separate offering that applies before writing even one line of code.

The Design and Discovery is a unique service, where our experts team up with you to brainstorm, research, and shape your project idea into a design, development and go to market plan.

What's inside?

  • Design your App

    Visualize your idea with our UI/UX specialists, starting with ideation, ending with a fully fledged Figma prototype

  • Establish monetization models

    Find how your application will earn money for you and for scaling after the MVP

  • Find a product-market fit

    Make sure, that the product you are about to build is needed by the market, solves a real problem and people will pay for it

  • Research your audience

    Establish who is your perfect user, where to find him and how to gather an audience in scale

  • Analyse your competition

    Find what are the alternative solutions, who are you competing with, and if there is a space for app like yours

  • Talk to your users

    Build methods to speak with your potential users one to one and in scale, to gather feedback and find real problems

  • Consult your project with experts

    Your project will go through the review of UI/UX specialists, developers, quality assurance engineers.

  • Prepare user stories

    Describe the features, flows, and requirements of your application in the industry standard and ready for development way.

  • Estimate the development

    Get a detailed breakdown of all the development costs required to bring your app to life

What previous clients say?

How the process looklike?

  • Free initial workshop

    We’ll dig into your project details and ask targeted questions to ensure we provide the best solution for you.

    This means you’ll get exactly what you need, without any unnecessary fluff or guesswork. By understanding your project inside out, we can save you time, money, and headaches down the line, delivering results that exceed your expectations.

  • Estimation and Roadmap

    After the workshop, you will receive a detailed plan, outlining actions, services, and roadmap for your project.

    Within our interactive estimation tool, you will be able to customize the offer, check how it influences the final price and actively participate in the planning process.

  • Delivery

    We will be working in weekly cycles according to the prepared roadmap and with constant communication.

    Each cycle will be composed of our work, meetings with you and gathering your feedback.
    This way, we are shortening the feedback loop, apply your comments and push the project toward the delivery.

  • Handover

    After the work is done, we hand over the project to you.

    Depending on the services included, it will contain a design, clickable prototype, research reports, user stories and much more.

    Finally, we prepare the development plan and estimation.

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A word about TH-EY

  • 30+ dedicated specialists
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  • 50+ software projects built

  • 2 HQs UK: London & Poland: Cracow

  • 3+ years most clients stay with us

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Example packages

How much does it cost?

  • Foundations package

    What’s included?

    • Application design in Figma
    • Research the persona / audience
    • Consulting with developers, UX specialists, QA engineers
    • Development estimation


    1500 GBP + VAT

  • Visionary package

    What’s included?

    • Everything from foundations package
    • Clickable Figma prototype
    • Competition analysis report
    • Established monetization models
    • User stories development
    • Development estimation and roadmap

    2500 GBP + VAT

  • Custom package

    What’s included?

    Every project is different, and you might have part of the work done.

    After the initial workshop, we can prepare a customized offer dedicated for your situation and needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don’t know what services I need?

    No worries, that’s what the free initial call is dedicated to. We will ask all the questions we need to prepare the offer.

  • I want to develop an app, why do I need D&D first?

    If you have all the knowledge about the problem, solution, audience, business etc. no problem with that – we can just prepare the designs and jump into the development. But this service is dedicated to making your project a successful, not only implemented.

  • What is the result of the service?

    Depending on the services, it will be a design of the application, reports from the different areas of research, user stories and the estimation of the development effort.

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