What is the Design and Discovery Service?

Starting a new project can feel like a big challenge, but together, we can create a plan for a successful project that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations. With D&D you get a clear project cost estimation and help with securing the right funding.

The Design and Discovery Service is a unique offering where our experts team up with you to brainstorm and shape your project ideas into a design and the development plan.

It’s a collaborative effort involving our consultants, designers, and developers.

Seems like you are already over this stage?

Minimal Viable Product

TH-E offering:

  • Requirements Analysis: This analysis helps to define the project’s boundaries, sidestep any possible issues, and lay a strong foundation for the development phase.

  • Expert Consulting: You will get your software project scope defined and set clear, achievable goals after regular sessions with our consultants.

  • Collaborative Discovery: Our goal is to see the big picture and help you define the full project requirements. We iteratively dive deep into your ideas with in-depth discovery sessions to understand your vision and identify key requirements.

  • Interactive Prototyping: As an integral part of this service, you will receive a clickable prototype of your app. This prototype lets you see your final product, give and gather feedback, before making a full commitment. This means you can budget, save, and potentially get funded without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Who Is This For?

Our Design and Discovery Service is ideal for:

  • CEOs and CTOs

    Looking to explore a new software project, build a new stream of income or perform the digital transformation in the company.

  • Project Managers

    In need of expert input to help define project requirements and strategies.

  • Small & Medium Companies

    Who are looking to innovate, increase efficiency, or address a gap in the market through a software solution.

Get Started

Turning an idea into a software project can be challenging, especially at the early stages. That’s why we have dedicated our Design and Discovery Service to assist you in bringing your concepts to life. 

To get started or to learn more, contact us today. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life.