How it started?

The hard part of learning how to play an instrument is not the lessons at the music school. It’s the daily practice routine that has to sum up to thousands of hours.

On the other hand, the teacher doesn’t really know how the practice looks like and can help only based on what he sees during the lessons.

Continuo is making daily instrument practice more interesting, especially for children, while at the same time collecting data for teachers to improve their lessons.

TH-EY solution

First, during a Design & Discovery process, TH-EY made a tablet app and web music school admin panel designs. Additionally, a brand hero was created taking a form of a cute, little dragon to make the app more appealing to the younger audience. Based on those, a mobile proof of concept was developed and the client started the search for an investor.

App features

• Real-time scoring system
• Lesson system
• Instrument tuning
• Sheet music reader
• Accompaniment
• Performance post-processing and scoring system
• Hero guide