Over time, we’ve partnered with countless (actually counted: 50+) startups and companies, helping them build all sorts of web apps, mobile apps, and various software solutions and integrations. All these experiences have sharpened our skills and made us good at handling a wide variety of challenges.

Your success is our priority

Our main goal is to be more than just a service provider – we want to be your partner. We enjoy working closely with you, getting your vision, bouncing around ideas, and giving you expert advice. By teaming up like this, we can turn your ideas into reliable software solutions.

We help clients, like you, to achieve your goals.

Shortening the gap between business and software development

We do it through direct and transparent communication, honesty, and a sense of a mission that all our people share.

During the development process, you will talk directly to the developers and testers, without additional layers of communication. But of course, you will have a dedicated tech lead from our side.

We’re not just coders – we’re here to be your software development co-pilots. With over 50 projects under our belt, we bring that experience to help you solve your challenge.

With time, we realized that a successful project is not only about code. This is why we developed an in-house Design, Quality Assurance and Marketing teams, to serve your application from different angles.

Long story short

TH-EY company, was started in 2017, by 2 full-stack developers: Wojciech and Filip.

That didn’t like the corporate, multi-layer approach to building software.

With time, we have grown to over 25 people onboard, including developers, testers, designers and more.

…and we don’t stop here!

Wojciech Soczyński CEO, Founder & Director Filip Kubala Founder & Director

How TH-EY work


Might be the short answer. First things first, we put our energy into delivering quality work. Once we notice some recurring patterns, we grab those common pieces, so we can reduce the time spent on the menial jobs in the future, cut down on the number of bugs, and focus on the fun, creative bits.

In an established development process

Over time and dozens of projects, we came up with our own agile development process. 

We took the best of Kanban and Scrum and added quality checks and continuous delivery, so we could build and deliver projects in the nick of time – and keep the feedback loop to a minimum.

Focusing on relations

We’re all about your success, no doubt. But what really makes our day is building strong, lasting relationships. That’s why some clients began with us and now treat us like their in-house tech team, and others have been with us since day one.

This approach is reflected in our reviews:

Remotely, from day 1.

A big ace up our sleeve is our remote setup, with team members spread out from the UK to Poland and even Romania. Our dedicated developers, designers, and testers crew can put their all into working with you to make sure we dish out exceptional results.