How the process looks?

We have found that a deep understanding of your needs leads to higher quality testing. That’s why we start with a free call to understand your business. We will ask the right questions to learn about your challenges and goals. We suggest that you sign an NDA before the call.

Then we will do exploratory testing to verify what we learned during the call and deepen our understanding. This is still for free!

We then combine the findings from the call and exploratory testing to prepare the final proposal for you. We will draw this up by modifying our standard packages to suit your specific needs. Within each package, we propose a set of functionality we plan to test within the package limits. To maximise the protection of your application within the budget, additional extras will be recommended based on your application. You receive the offer for review with a contract draft.

The final stage, before we sign a contract, is to present our findings so far and help you choose your package and extras. We do this during a second free call. Then it’s up to you – you decide.

If you stay with us, we will personalise, sign the contract and start the main work. We will keep you informed of progress on a weekly basis – by phone or email, as you prefer.

We finish by sending you the final report and having the handoff call where we discuss our findings and share recommendations.

THE offering:

  • Bug Reports with Visuals: Detailed bug report with reproduction steps, severity, complemented by recordings and images to help understand and prioritise the work. If required, we can create bug tickets in the bug tracker of your choice

  • Weekly updates: To keep you informed and gather feedback we will do a weekly catch-up call

  • A set of Test Cases: First, we will understand your business during a free call. Then we do exploratory testing to select the most important functionality for your success. We then build test cases to protect your software from bugs.

  • Security Report: We will carry out a thorough analysis using a dedicated tool, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and suggesting corrective actions.

  • Bug Prioritisation: We will prioritise reported bugs based on their impact on software performance and potential risk to users. During the handover call, we will verify with you the accuracy of our prioritisation.

  • Recommendations: We will make recommendations for enhancements and fixes to improve the quality of the software.

  • Handoff Call : At the end of the collaboration, we will have a call during which we will:

    • Present you the report
    • Perform bug triage (prioritising and reviewing the bugs found) to help you with the fixes. A developer from your side is welcome here
    • Discuss our recommendations

What about the pricing?

The standard packages and their costs can be slightly modified, or we can prepare a completely bespoke quotation:

  • Package 1:

    Up to 20 Carefully Crafted Test Cases:

    Delivery time: 2 weeks

    Cost: £700

  • Package 2:

    Up to 40 Carefully Crafted Test Cases:

    Delivery time: 4 weeks

    Cost: £1400

  • Package 3:

    Up to 60 Carefully Crafted Test Cases:

    Delivery time: 6 weeks

    Cost: £2100

Possible extensions to standard packages:

  • More test cases
  • Post-fix retesting – a process to verify that previously identified bugs have been accurately fixed. Once the necessary fixes have been applied, the application is retested to ensure that all previously reported issues have been resolved.
  • Fast delivery – we can even halve the delivery time if you are in a hurry.
  • Additional test cases – if you need more functionalities tested, we will modify the package.
  • QA retainer -we can allocate a certain number of hours per week/month for manual/automated testing of your application.
  • Automated testing – using tools like Postman/ Cypress/ Playwright, we will automate previously written test cases to save time and cost in executing them.
  • Pimp my app – our development team can add new features, improve the look and feel, or optimise performance
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Code quality audit