What is the Proof of Concept Service?

In the dynamic world of software development, some parts of a project can be uncharted, making it difficult to figure out if an idea will work. That’s where our Proof of Concept (POC) service comes in. 

Explore your ideas in an organized way and get an idea of what your software will do.

The Proof of Concept service is all about giving your project idea a reality check. We dig in when critical project details are still up in the air, or there are some technical, legal or methodological questions that need practical answers. 

This service helps to confirm that your ideas can really work, and there are no hidden roadblocks that could derail your project.

Not sure, which parts can be tricky?

Design & Discovery

Seems like you are already over this stage?

Minimal Viable Product

THE offering:

  • Validation and Testing: To see if your idea can really work, we build and test a small-scale model of your idea. This way, you get confidence for what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, which helps to dodge problems before going all-in.

  • Technical Verification: Our developers will check external services documentation and test for possible limitations or inconsistencies. We ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises down the line. Too many times, we’ve seen the documentation being outdated or being in front of the actual abilities.

  • Risk Mitigation: By spotting potential difficulties and uncertainties early on, we save you time, money, and resources, making the transition to full development way smoother.

Who Is This For?

Our Proof of Concept Service is beneficial for:

  • Businesses

    Looking to develop new and unique solutions where there’s no established path or existing solution.

  • Project managers

    Who need to verify the feasibility of a concept before allocating substantial resources to it.

  • Companies

    That internal teams lack of time, to work on R&D, improvements, automation, and innovation.

Get Started

Taking the leap towards a new, untested project involves many steps. To make this process less intimidating by giving you the assurance you need to move forward, TH-EY’s Proof of Concept service is here to help.