Hourly approach explained

At TH-EY, we understand that every project is unique, with its own set of requirements, complexities, and challenges. We are committed to providing a pricing structure that is both fair and transparent.

Our pricing is based on the number of hours we dedicate to your project. We calculate the total cost of your project by multiplying the number of hours we estimate we will work by our hourly rate.
This method ensures that you only pay for the actual work done.

Please note that we do not display our hourly rate publicly for a number of reasons:

  1. Tailored Estimates: Each project has different demands and complexities, and our services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. By understanding your specific needs first, we can offer an accurate and fair estimate that reflects the value you’ll receive.

  2. Dynamic Pricing: Our hourly rates can fluctuate based on several factors, including the required skill set, project complexity, technology involved, and market conditions. This dynamic approach allows us to provide the most competitive rates for our services.

  3. Consulting: Before any agreement, we prefer a detailed discussion with you about your project requirements. This ensures we understand all aspects of the project and can provide a comprehensive proposal that includes a more accurate cost estimation.

Payment details

  • We don’t charge any fees, before the contract is signed. All the consultations, calls, estimations and sometimes research is free for you.

  • Before creating the contract, we estimate a range of costs you should be ready for. This can change based on the changes to the scope, feedback provided or technological challenges, but you will be informed upfront.

  • On the contract, we put the hourly rates (there might be different services like design and development), start date and scope of the project.

  • In most cases, we incorporate weekly invoicing instead of taking upfront payment, but this is flexible.


Wherever we can, we try to save your time and money. This approach led us to build the internal components’ library, which allows us to provide the most popular features efficiently, bug-free and adapt it to your needs.
It is not included in our hourly rate, we still need to do the work, but it saves us e.g. 90% of a time in comparison to building from scratch.

Common components, ready to be used

  1. Internationalisation ready – both UI and server parts of the applications we create are ready to be translated, based on 2 text files translation.

  2. Email notifications – except the templates specific for your brand, everything else is ready to be used out of the box.

  3. SMS notifications – ready to be configured and used.

  4. Advanced analytics:

    • Google Analytics – with a good configuration, it can bring you very useful statistics about the usage and clients of your app.
    • Adding the Facebook pixel code to track your customers.
  5. OAuth from any provider – if you need a login with third parties like e.g. Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, we can configure and implement the flow rapidly.

  6. Support chat – many applications need the chat feature, we selected the integration with tawk.io for this purpose.

  7. Newsletter integration – Mailchimp’s integration between the application database and Mailchimp emails list. We can also manage all the emails through the Mailchimp API.

What's after the project is done?

  1. Continue the development – usually after the main scope is finished, you will see the paths to follow and the endless opportunities to develop your project. We can extend our initial contract and continue the cooperation, billed by the hour, flexibly and simply.

  2. Retainer contract – sometimes the initial phase is a wild ride of adding and shrinking resources, based on your and your users’ needs. When it’s done, and you prefer to stabilize the costs and velocity, we can assign a dedicated team for your project. Because it gives us much more predictability, the longer a retainer contract we sign, the better hourly rate we can offer.

  3. Support and maintenance – in case you want to stop adding new features and only have us to monitor and maintain the app, select one of our support packages we offer.