How it started?

During the pandemic, we learned that it is important to consider how crowded a place we visit is. Sometimes people just want to be around more like-minded individuals at a club or have more personal space to avoid potential health issues or just to relax more.

Social Town is meant to make event planning more convenient by incorporating the traffic information about venues. You can use it to plan your birthday party at a place and time when it will be the most comfortable for you.

TH-EY solution

First, during a Design & Discovery process, TH-EY made a mobile app design. The next phase was the traffic data research. TH-EY had to collect data about all London pubs, clubs, restaurants, and figure out a time and cost-effective way to obtain the traffic information at venues at different hours. Based on those, a mobile proof of concept app was developed, and the client went on a journey to search for an investor.

App features

• Event planning system
• Map with capacity filters
• Venue review system
• Participants management
• Calendar