What is… ah wait.

Everybody know what Google is, and it would be a cliche introducing it from scratch. But not everybody knows, that except search engine and maps, Google is a provider of enormous number of APIs. You can check it here:



As you see in the links, it would be quite long article if I want to describe them all. I will provide detailed description and example of use, for some of them, but at the moment let’s talk more general.

Who is using it?

Google API can be used by anyone and in various ways. Companies, business owners, startups enjoy the benefits of ready made  solutions for their problems. These solutions are not every time free, like Google Maps API for example, but a lot of functionalities is popular and free to use in any app. So this article might be useful both for new starters and big business owners, who want to improve their products or services.

What are the benefits?
  • A lot of users use it. So when you need a quick registration to your application, log in with Google Sign-In would be a good option.
  • Documentation and community. These apis are well known and integration were coded by many people. So a lot of situations, use cases and possible problems is very well described.
  • Using register with Google, you can get permissions to multiple APIs, so you don’t have to ask user for login to every part of your application separately.
  • Every API separately, have it’s own benefits and we will discuss it in a future articles.
  • Google is a trustfully company (for most of the society). When people see this colorful logo, they feel save.

What are the risks?
  • Not everybody have trust in Google. After all this affairs and possible data leaks, some people lost their belief that data are save with this company.
  • Register with Google gives you fast and easy registration, but also not everybody want to connect their Gmail account with every service, so have this in mind and give your user other options.
  • Prices of paid services might change. Google is a company and they do business. And sometimes simple users suffer. Last change of Google Maps API prices shows this the best:
  • https://manifesto.co.uk/google-maps-api-pricing-changes/

Use cases
  1. With Google Maps API, you can quickly bring a lot of map related functionalities to your application. Both in web and mobile, this is a first thought of any map providers.
    You can check details and pricing here: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/
  2. With Google Sign-In you can authenticate any user that have Google account (e.g. Gmail, Google+) and do it in 3 clicks.
    More here: https://developers.google.com/identity/
  3. With Gmail REST API you can scrap some particular emails directly from user mailbox. For example when you want to provide selling suggestions with machine learning, you can scrap user emails from Amazon, filter invoices from them and you have base of user last buys. Off course when user register to your app, he is informed what access you are asking for, and must accept it first.
    Learn more here: https://developers.google.com/gmail/
  4. With Google Analytics, you can analyze in details what user do on your e-commerce platform and what products are the most popular. This might be done from Analytics console, but with API you have programmatic access to data from any platform in real time, and act on it accordingly.
    More here: https://developers.google.com/analytics/

What can we do for you?

Google gives you very powerful suite of tools and you can use it on your own. But with a pinch of extra software development, you can get real business advantage.

We have already done Maps, Sign in, Gmail, Analytics integrations in various ways. But we don’t want to stop here. We want to learn new things and adapt Google APIs in a way you need it.

Little bit of examples what we can do with it for you:
  1. Add Google Sign-In to your app – you will higher new users conversion rate, since registration will take 3 clicks and no: email / password / confirmation email distraction. People really like simple solutions.
  2. Integrate Google Analytics with your e-commerce platform. Think about flight prices – they change depending on how many people are looking and reserve seats. They change when you check it many times a day. It’s all done automatically with algorithms and users observation. We can implement it for you, based on Analytics.
  3. We can help you build an app which base on Google Maps. It might be a mobile app that will help some people in some problem, or a web based application, where users can plan their journey.
  4. We can help you with your problem, based on hundreds of Google APIs and provide solutions much faster and cheaper, than implementing it from scratch.
  5. We can get your challenging problem, and try to add our software skills to solve it.If you want to discuss it, just use the form below, and lets make your dream come true with our software skills.