1. All starts before a contract

Our main goal is to help you. So when you come to TH-EY with a project, whether it’s just an idea or a fully-fledged brief, the first thing we will do is to listen to your vision. It’s very important that we understand what you are trying to achieve and what problems you are trying to solve.

Then we will work on technical requirements and high-level estimations. You will get an estimation document with a full breakdown of build items. Each build item will have a description and a time estimate in days.

We also create a roadmap that illustrates the order in which we plan to deliver the features. As with any plans, the roadmap will probably change during the project, but it serves as a guide for starting the work.

And this is 100% for you. We don’t charge any fees for any pre-project work unless explicitly stated. You are free to take our estimation document and compare it with other agencies. If you are happy with what you see and want to continue with us, you are one step closer to achieving greatness!

2. Contract

You trusted us, and want to go further, thank you, you won’t regret it.
Now let’s make it formal. Before we sign anything, we want you to read this article to the end, to be sure, that you understand how we cooperate with our clients. It is not a way everybody accepts or needs and this is perfectly OK. We want to work WITH you, not only FOR you.

When you finish our small lecture, accept what we will ask you for and you are sure that you understand everything, that’s awesome, let’s make an agreement.

All of our contracts contain the following:

  1. the client has access to the code from day 1
  2. the client is updated regularly about the progress (at least X times a week)
  3. the client retains all intellectual property rights to the work
  4. information sharing is covered under a separate NDA supplied by the client

We will provide a draft for you and will work on it together until both sides are happy with the content. Let’s sign it and go to the next step.

3. Development

We work in sprints

A sprint is a 1 to 3 weeks period of software development. Before we start, we agree on the deliverables. After the end, we demo what was done and give the software to you for testing and discuss your feedback.

This way of development has a lot of advantages:
– focus on delivering a specific functionality in a short amount of time
– short feedback loop – any issues are spotted at an early stage
– opportunity to pivot at any stage
– after each sprint, you can decide if you are happy with results and we continue or you want to finish, take working code and go somewhere else
– at the end of every sprint, there is a working version of the software

You are needed

(or your representative ) in the process. We need your involvement in the sprint planning and accepting the delivered items. Sometimes we will have business-related questions and we will need you to drop us an email with an answer. Of course, we are here for you, not the other way, but let’s make it cooperation.

You will get live view of the progress.

In most cases, it will be a Jira board or other required app, dedicated to your project. It will be used by us – manager and developers to see the tasks, and by you – you will be able to see what you can test and verify. See an example below:

In most cases it will be split into 4 stages: To Do, In Progress, Ready to test, Accepted.
First 3 are on us, we will be creating and making sure that tasks are in proper columns. Last column is for you – when the task is ready to test, you are the only one who can accept it.

4. Going live

We can go live at any time and in any sprint. Both to the test environment, where only you, us and testers will have access and to production, where you will show it to your clients – everything is up to you.

5. Future

Your app is up and running and you are happy with the way we did it. It is a pleasure for us to reach this stage together. But this doesn’t have to be the end of our cooperation.

We are looking for long term relationships with our clients. No matter if was an MVP or an enterprise solution. Let’s talk about improvements, features or long term support of your application.

No pressure. We are glad that we could work with you and hope that it was a wonderful journey to work with TH-EY.

Thank you,
by he-art,