Project description:

MyPosPro is a web application for brokers. It allows ticket resellers to list and sell tickets on multiple platforms from one place.

This Point Of Sale system automates and speeds up the whole process of selling tickets. It integrates with the most popular platforms through their API’s.

How did it start

The client came to us with the idea to build his own POS. So far they have been doing everything manually, but arrived to a point where the scale of the business was approaching a point when it will be hard to grow it further without some automation in place.

It started with a Proof of concept, and after a bit of research, we are able to connect with the most popular ticket reselling platforms. When this worked out, we estimated the web application MVP to about 65 days of work and split it into smaller chunks of work.

Stages of the development

The project was developed in three phases:

  1. MVP development – where we’ve been following the main scope or work + applying comments and features discussed on a weekly demos.
  2. Additional features development – it turned out, that some of the features are crucial and needs to be extended, some of the features weren’t needed in the MVP, so we’ve been applying changes.
  3. Retainer development – we moved from hourly based contract to a long term agreement, to provide a fixed number of hours every month, for a constant price.


Since day 1, we applied an agile approach to the project. We split the backlog into smaller pieces of work and these to weekly scopes, which were presented on weekly demos.

The project management was done using Trello and Clockify to have a clear view of what is the progress of the project. At this point, we learned again, that communication between us and the client is crucial and definitely should be in the first place.

From the second week of work, the client had access to the test environment and could test all the features we were providing.

Also, the client was involved in accepting the tasks, suggesting wireframes and helping us to understand the app from a business point of view.

On a weekly basis, we were regularly adding new features and it was not long before the system has started automatically trading on live markets.

Current state

At the moment of writing (17.11.2020), because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the project is temporarily suspended. However, we hope that when the social gatherings will be again permitted and sporting events will be open for spectators, the project will resume in full force.

Project summary:

  • Time spent: 1600+ hours
  • Team: 1 – 3 full stack developers (Java + Angular)
  • Started: March 2019


  1. Backend – Rest API in Java
  2. Frontend – Angular (started from 5 and upgrading in time to the latest versions)
  3. Hosting – Amazon Web Services: EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, RDS, S3
  4. Database – MySQL

TH-EY comment

It was and still is a very interesting project, especially from the business point of view. We’ve learned a lot about the ticket reselling world, how big companies approach integration through API and how important is documentation and support of them.

Also we’ve learned a lot about communication, and the project confirmed again what we knew for long – communication between the stakeholders is the most crucial factor determining a projects success. The implementation can be fast and clean, but if something is not clear on the project management point of view, it can lead to misunderstandings.

We are certainly looking forward to continue working on this project in the future!