Value does not equal price.

Our goal is to always deliver more value than our hourly rate is. But at the same time, it is appropriate to ask why the rate is as it is, and this is what I want to present here.

When you start the cooperation with TH-EY, this is what you get ‘out of the box’:

Security & GDPR:

Our relational databases are always encrypted. This improves the security and makes it impossible to read by the hackers that theoretically would break into the database server.

We do the automatic production database backup everyday. This is our default, can be adjusted to your needs

We include the tools that scan our applications in search for vunerabilities listed by OWASP

We can manage your domain or help you adapt it for serving our application. This includes the SSL certificate management, to make your users feel safe using the app

At any stage of the development, we can generate the list of the libraries used within your project, to make sure that we don’t use any paid or not open-source library.

Our custom development process and principles:

We are not only coding. Our main goal is your success, which sometimes means challenging your ideas, propose better / cheaper / more scalable solution or cut the features to focus on the most important ones.

We give you the access to the code repository from day 1. We can also work with your code repository of choice

As soon as the invoice is paid, any Intellectual Property created during the paid period becomes yours

We set up and build the development architecture in our accounts, but as soon as there is a need for setting up the production, we move it to your account, so you have the full control. If you prefer to, we can also set up the development environment in your accounts – then you have to pay for the services from day 1

We are trying to make the feedback loop as short as possible, so our clients are speaking directly to the developers on Slack or over the emails. We are also doing the periodic demo of the progress, where you can see what’s new or give your feedback straight away.

As soon as the setup and initial development is done, you get the access to the test environment, where you can check the progress on your own daily.

We don’t have Project Managers as a proxy between the development team and the client. Our projects are led by the experienced developer, who is also responsible for the management and communication.

We work in a kanban like process, to shorten the feedback loop and give you access to the features as soon as they are finished.

If you are not happy with our cooperation, you can resign from our services at any stage. We will provide you with the code, architecture description and the knowledge transfer to the new provider

Your success is our main goal. Sometimes this means, that we have to adapt our solution and standard, to match with your budget. We can do it for the greenfield projects, MVP or the POC, so you have something ready for a potential investment

We use Sentry for the application monitoring. This means, most of the time, we know about the bugs or performance issues before it will be reported by your users

Application architecture and infrastructure:

Our projects usually use one REST API, that can serve multiple frontend apps like web, mobile or external integrations.

While we are doing the development, everything is built from scratch and needs to be reconfigured multiple times, we keep it in our cloud. As soon as we are planning to reach the production, we move everything to the clients accounts. If you prefer to, we can use your account from day one.

The application content, UI, error messages etc. are ready to be internationalized. By default, we use English.

Although most of our frontend is written in React, we are trying to use the market standard libraries like Material UI (MUI) used e.g. by Spotify, Amazon or Netflix.
These are adjusted to your needs by our creative designers.

All our apps (except mobile) are deployed to the Cloud architecture, gaining all the benefits from it

You can decide where your data and storage are located, from the geographical regions’ perspective. It might be important from your customer’s or regulations perspective, like GDPR.

Using another AWS service, S3, we can store your files in a very cheap and accessible way.

Adding the endpoints list and descriptions for every backend.

Additional features, that require small amount of work, but can be introduced to any of our projects fast and cost-effective:

Close to free email notifications with AWS core service SES

Using AWS core service to send the SMS notifications

Implementing any OAuth provider login as the main sign in method to your application

Google Analytics is powerful these days. With a good configuration, it can bring you very useful statistics about the usage and clients of your app

Adding the Facebook pixel code to track your customers

Mailchimp’s integration between the application database and Mailchimp emails list. We can also manage all the emails through the Mailchimp API.

If this is required, we can encrypt the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data stored in our databases. This means, that even developers with the direct access to the data, will only see the hashed values

We can easily incorporate for supporting your users in case of troubles