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Most agencies look the same

How to select a software development agency?

Using Clutch to find an agency is a great starting point. But soon you realize that most of the agencies look the same.

Let us list what you have already seen on most of the pages:

  • Decades upon decades of experience
  • Enough projects to rebuild the Pyramids
  • Teams so expert, they could probably launch a rocket
  • Reviews so shiny, you’d need sunglasses
  • And oh, the blogs! Each providing ‘the value’

How many we guessed?

This is a complex topic, so we separated a dedicated article, to help you choose the right agency (not the one like blablabla…. select us).


What can TH-EY do for me?


    • Design & Discovery
    • UI/UX Audit
    • Quality Assurance Audit

    • POC – Proof of Concept development
    • MVP – Minimal Viable Product development
    • CSD – Custom Software development

    • S&M – Support & Maintenance
    • QA – Quality Assurance
    • Custom Retainer contract
    • Analytics and KPI reports

It might seem, like a list of separated services, but in TH-EY everything is connected.

With a consulting approach at each step, we work like a well-oiled machine.

Developers are included in the prototyping, designers in the implementation, and testers spotlight quality and security from every angle at each stage.

Understand, build, and measure, not just code.

Let's talk about the money

How much will my project cost?

To provide a tailored answer, we need details about your project.

Here’s a quick overview of our services and costs:

  • Design & Discovery phase typically costs 2 – 3 thousand GBP, helping to visualize your app concept.
  • Clickable prototypes range from 2 to 7 thousand GBP, enabling funding acquisition, audience feedback, and development kick-off.
  • Proof of Concept for innovative ideas: validation costs fall between 2 and 6 thousand GBP.
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP), the first value-bringing version of your project, ranges from 10 to 30 thousand GBP.
  • Ongoing development costs vary widely, starting from a part-time developer to a dedicated team of 10+ people, potentially exceeding 100k GBP.
  • Support & Maintenance packages are between 700 and 1500 GBP + VAT per month. But, as always, we can prepare a custom offer for you.

Let us ask what we need to know about your project

And get detailed estimation

What will happen when I contact you?

You can get 1 hour of free consulting with one of the company directors, so it’s a win already.

Step 1:
Initial call

You will talk to one of these three gentlemen, who happen to be directors of the company and experienced solution architects.


    CEO, CTO, Founder




    Head of Mobile

Step 2:
Consulting and Solution Proposal

Based on your needs, scope and current situation, we propose the services and the best next steps for your project.

Step 3:

For the selected solution, we provide a detailed estimation and a suggested roadmap. Optionally, we establish additional calls or discuss our questions over email or in the estimation tool.

Step 4:
Formalities and Kick-Off

Establishing the contract, timeline, and team. Then we can finally start with the cooperation.

TH-EY don't bite, especially on the initial call

Jump on the call and try on your own

How do you build software?

We are consultants / solution architects / geeks / business advisors – you name it, but we will look at your project wider than an average software agency.

Whichever service you choose, from a high level, you will see the implementation of our core approach.


    • What are your goals?
    • Who is your customer?
    • Why do you need this project?
    • What problems are you solving?
    • And many, many more questions.

    • Code
    • Design
    • Test
    • Audit
    • Configure

    • Set up the KPI’s
    • Set up the analytic tools
    • Establish the roadmap
    • Provide regular reports
    • ACT on data, not on feelings

Frequently asked questions

Definitely, we won’t answer all your questions on a simple landing page.

But we can try to address the most common ones to make your life simpler and help you make the right choice when selecting the software provider.

  • Can you sign an NDA?

    Of course, if you need to, we can sign the NDA before the start of any discussion. We can use yours or our template.

  • Do you provide documentation?

    Yes, on multiple levels: development, business, project management, and infrastructure—all available to you as soon as it’s created.

  • How quickly can you start working on my project?

    It depends on our current workload, the size of the project, and the services needed. Usually, a week or two after we sign a contract, we can extend the team later.

  • Where are the app and code stored?

    During the development and design phases, we use our accounts for the code repository, Figma, or the infrastructure (AWS). You have access to this from day 1, and as soon as the project is production-ready, we will transfer everything to your accounts.

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