In the UK, every company, doesn’t matter if it’s active or dormant, every year must file their account to the Companies House. You can do it through your accountant, or with a dedicated online service. But the problem is, that all the services are dedicated to the active companies, which makes the form much more complicated than for the dormant companies.

This is where just dormant accounts steps in, and handle the difficulty.
The platform provides the most minimal form to be filled, additionally pulling the data straight from the Companies House API, to make the process even easier.

For a fraction of the accountant’s rate, you can file your dormant company online, and have it done within minutes.

From the technical perspective, we’ve built a web application with React.js and the AWS-based back-office.
The interesting parts of the application were:

  • integration with Companies house API – as any government API, it wasn’t easy. Handling the XML’s, and going back and forth with the support, was a challenge.
  • integration with Stripe
  • backend built on AWS Lambdas
  • micro database added in AWS DynamoDB – non-relational database, which was needed in the process.

The app was successfully up and running, serving real clients. TH-EY managed the project well and collaborated clearly via virtual meetings and email. Customers can expect a team with excellent listening skills.

Director, Dormant Account Filing Platform

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