How it started?

The project began with significant negotiations on scope, financials, and duration., intended for a merchandise company, needed to simplify its gadget distribution process. The e-commerce system was developed from scratch. The process included workshops, requirement clarifications, and budget alignments, often leading to feature adjustments to fit financial constraints. Design aspects of the project were handled by the client team member in close cooperation with TH-EY frontend expert.

Challenges and goals

The project faced challenges in aligning customer needs and expectations with market dynamics. Financial constraints played a significant role in decision-making. The technological challenge was to build a permission management system reflecting the company’s hierarchy, with different spending limits and approval processes at various levels. The goal was to create an efficient, user-friendly system that could manage orders without financial transactions, reflecting company agreements.

Another challenge was the ability to white-label the application. As it’s a B2B platform, each company that has a contract with the client’s warehouse gets custom distribution. Each white label serves a custom styling and slightly different roles and permissions schema, which we had to handle.

Additionally, each distribution is released separately, to a different server and database, which hugely improves the performance and security.

Our solutions

The solution was a robust e-commerce platform allowing direct employee access to order merchandise. The system featured a hierarchical user management system to control spending limits and approvals. The development stack included Java, React, and AWS, chosen for their reliability and efficiency. The project prioritized features common across potential clients and de-prioritized client-specific exotic features for economic viability.

The result

The final product was a functional, well-designed e-commerce system with efficient permission management. Though specific metrics were not provided, the client reported high satisfaction from their customers. 

You can visit their official website for more detailed information about Sprinty and its services.