Automatic integrations

These days we have a lot of automatic integrations, which you can prepare with a couple of clicks or drag and drops. And this is awesome. You don’t have to care about backup of post or creating copy of attachment in your google drive.

And it goes deeper. Where zapier ends, comes tray, where tray ends probably there are plenty of other platforms which says it’s the best. But it’s not our case for today.

How it really works

The thing is, that you are always limited to actions which platform gives you. When you want to achieve something that is not built in to providers solution, you have to pay additional money to serve your use case, wait in a queue for implementation and still it’s not always an option.

You have to pay monthly. Which sometimes is a huge advantage, but sometimes it is a bad idea. When you want to automate simple trigger – action operations, automatic integrations are awesome. The problem is, when you want to add some more steps to this proces, there comes additional costs.

When you need some real customization, you have to do workarounds, like using some other platform to connect your destination, or build it from scratch anyway.
What to do then?

Here comes bespoke software

There are couple of reasons to build software from scratch.

  1. You build it once and don’t have to pay each month for this service.
  2. It’s easy to change, when your requirements are changing. That is because it was build exactly for you, so you don’t use space travel software, where change take 1 month and can break something on the other part of galactic.
  3. It is much more flexible. When you need to add or remove something, again it can be done fast.
  4. It is built exactly for you and you can be sure, that your concurrency don’t have access to this. If this gives you an advantage in your industry – you win.
  5. You don’t have to spend hours or days to configure space travel CRM for 1 zillion dollars, to automate sending emails.
  6. You will get support faster. No software is unbreakable and even best of us, can’t predict some corner cases. With small dedicated piece of software it’s easy to find a bug and fix it quickly.
  7. You don’t have to pay for updates. It’s up to you, when you feel you need more, developers can improve or change it, but you are the boss here, not some platform provider.

Choose automatic integrations or bespoke

As always, it depends. When you want to integrate some simple actions, like creating copy or send email from point 1 to point 2, try automatic integrations. It’s free to try and use for some very basic operations. You can check Zapier, it has a lot of features.

But if you know that you will need to customize something or you know that this will be configures once and run in the same way for the rest of the World – build a custom software. You pay once, and you have solution suited to your needs and can be adapted to new requirements.

Everything is up to you. If you need some help, leave us a message, we will try to help you best way we can.


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