Where is voice

Voice is one of the hottest topics these days and in opposite to forced blockchain use and fake AI ideas, it shows a real value even in simple projects. (Before you kill me for this sentence, let me explain)
Let’s focus on Amazon Alexa for a minute, because this topic is the closest to me.

At the end of 2018 over 100 milion Amazon smart home devices has been sold. And this is not the only way you can use Alexa and it’s skills (apps).
This technology is spreading extremely fast. It is easy to understand, easy to start for customers and just fun to use.

Over 70 000 skills are already in Amazon store and this number keeps growing. Also ‘In skill products’ (virtual ones) and selling physical products makes this platform perfect business opportunity. Moreover customers engagement for spending money in skills is much higher than with mobile apps. ( Can’t find statistics, only developers / producers opinions )

What about other technologies?

Let’s get back to other hot technologies right now. I don’t want to insult blockchain and AI, it’s a great technologies and it is the future of the Worlds progress. But some say, that when you put Blockchain, AI, ML and some gamification into your startup idea, investors will throw money on you. So it is much overused even in simple projects.

At the moment voice is an understandable technology, very well documented and ordered. We have thousands of examples of using it and earning real money on skills. 2 great companies ( Amazon and Google ) are setting the bar higher every single day, and the rest must follow. You can use voice assistants on over 1 bilion devices these days.
This technology already came between us and with our own eyes we can see the change of how we interact with machines.

How people use voice assistants

Before we get into business use cases, let’s think about how people use voice assistants. Because it is pretty important to understand. People use it for operate with smart homes, to turn the light on and off, to open and close door or to run Roomba from another room. People ask questions, a lot of questions. And default apps can’t serve them all.

Voice assistants really became people assistants. People ask them for a weather, traffic or sport results. It brings them news, offers or jokes every single day. These services allows us to make shopping lists, checks cinema timetables or make notes without a move of a finger. And finally this technology allows us to buy and pay for real, physical or virtual products and services.

Don’t you want to be first in your industry? Until it is a blue ocean as some day mobile apps were?

Voice in business, or business in voice.

There are hundreds of pretty intuitive use cases, like shopping with e-commerce or ordering a pizza. We won’t focus on this, but I have to emphasize 1 thing.
At the moment concurrency is not extremely high there. Big brands didn’t yet dominate this field, like SEO, Google Ads or social media. Just think about it.

First, let’s talk about products. You own products. Or to be more precise, your own skills that will solve customers problems, make assistant more intelligent and will be the first choice for some particular questions. Have you ever wanted to build your own startup, that will solve some real life problem? With skills and voice it might be much easier and faster to build and put into market.

Second, consulting businesses, of any kind. You can provide your services to the customers in a fastest way ever. With a single sentence said by your potential client. You can create your own assistant or limited abilities assistant, that will answer to your future customers basic questions. Then if client will reach his limit, you can ask if he want to connect with a real person to get further information and you have a prospect on your line.

Third, any type of knowledge based services. Bloggers, online courses creators, news and industry portals. Every of these services can benefit from voice. Alexa e.g. allows you to stream your own audio like a podcast, your own radio or interview.

How your business can benefit from voice?

A lot. Think about use cases I gave you. If you think about building your own mobile app, maybe skill will be a better choice for your business.
Building an Alexa skill as MVP is pretty fast and you can check if your customers enjoy it.

And yes, TH-EY is working with skills. Let us know if we can help you, with the form below.



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