Project description

SecureStreamVPN (btw. we’ve been also involved in a website creation) is a subscription VPN service, providing secured access to the internet for clients using web browsers and smartphones. It gives users a choice of fast proxy servers from different parts of the world. Our role in this project was to create a Chrome browser plugin, which allows SSV users to log in to their accounts and use the service with 1 click on a daily basis.

How did it start

First, we’ve built the website based on the WordPress platform. This way, users can manage their accounts and pay for the subscription. The next step was to allow users to actually use the service, which has been achieved in this stage of the project.

Stages of the development

It was a small project, estimated at 2 – 4 weeks of single developer work. After gathering the requirements and doing pre-start research, the tasks were created in Jira and the development has commenced.

Development – 2 parts:

Chrome extension

This was a small challenge for us. We’ve been creating a Chrome extension for the first time, but we knew what technologies we will need to use, the only unknown was Chrome’s API. Fortunately, it went pretty smooth. There were a couple of minor blockers, but our developers with help from the documentation and community forums were able to resolve them.


The extension needed a backend service, which would control the security: access to the servers and allow users to log in. It was a very basic service, based on our standard security module and a couple of additional features. What was cool about this part – it can be used by multiple clients. This means that any other ‘frontend’ of the app will be created, be it Firefox extension, iOS or Android app – the backend work is done.

Current state

At the moment the company is before the official launch. Probably this case study will be updated as soon as the services are officially open and ready for real users.

Project summary:

chrome extension custom software development

It was partly an experiment from our side, and we are very grateful to Ian for putting his trust in us. Everything was developed within initial estimates and all the functionalities are done.


Chrome extension: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

Backend: Java, Spring, JWT token, MySQL

Client comment

The guys at TH-EY did a fantastic job on the Chrome extension, they very quickly understood my requirements and provided useful feedback to improve the solution, they are also flexible and adapt to requests and changes in scope quickly and without issue.

Even better it was on time and in budget!

TH-EY comment

On a daily basis, we build web and mobile applications. So it was fun and exciting to create something different, from a field that is anyway familiar to us, after all everyone uses AdBlock, Grammarly or any other from a multitude of extensions available for Google Chrome or other browsers.