Meaning of custom software and bespoke software development

In this modern business era, the term “custom” is widely used. It is due to the immense competition that businesses are now going for customized things in order to bring uniqueness to their brand.

Custom software, also known as “bespoke software” refers to a solution that is specifically been created for a certain firm or person. It is different from the mass-market software that is broadly used by everyone.

The mass-market software is unable to fulfil the demands of the modern-day business management and thus firms are bound to hire IT specialists to cater to their concerns of the business process. Custom software can also be designed to run on a specific set of hardware.

Thus, the main purpose of custom software is to meet the unique requirements of any business like Uber, Airbnb or an app for online banking created to cater to the unique needs of its customers. This bespoke software can be used for both existing businesses and new startups.

Custom software development for a new startup will involve all those steps required for general software such as planning, implementing, testing and maintaining.

The need for customized software

Today, every other new brand is bombarded with a huge number of rivals. To gain a competitive edge against them and to stand out of the mob, one needs to have its unique identity. This identity can only be achieved by bringing efficiency and effectiveness in business. For this, one need to focus on the unique functions of its business and custom software is the one that brings ease in these unique requirements.

When the unique set of requirements is focused and operated smartly, the business achieves efficiency and thus the overall cost is automatically reduced. This is turn reduces the final price, thus making a list of happy customers.

This is the reason why companies are paying hefty bucks for getting tailor-made software. In order to meet the requirements of modern business and to stay active in the competitive area, it is imperative to get customized software and bring a high level of efficiency in business operations.

Process of developing custom software

The process of custom software development is divided into different phases, each having its own importance. These phases are:

  • Gathering information

All information related to the business vision and mission gathered. Focus is made on areas that need software assistance.

  • Signing an agreement

A formal agreement is signed for the safety of both, client and software developer.

  • Submission of sprints

Work is submitted in different sprints. Once a sprint is submitted, the client goes through it and gives its feedback. If needed, an amendment is made. It ensures better quality and satisfactory results.

  • Feedback and testing

After the go-ahead signal, the testing process is made after which the software goes live.

  • Future support

Once the software is successfully developed, a commitment is made regarding the future maintenance of the software if needed by the client.

Where to go, for a custom software development?

  • Freelancer

It is easier to find a freelancer for your customized software and often he will charge pocket-friendly prices. You do not have to (but it’s strongly advised) go through the whole formal process of signing a contract and you may get your work done in a few days. (If only the scope of work is small enough)

However, as we look at the other side of the picture we find that freelancers are sometimes not much professional. They can disappear in seconds and all your company’s information can be at stake. Freelancers do not promise to assist in the future maintenance of software and lack of diverse experience.

  • Software Company

Going for a software company looks fancy as it is a proper and professional unit. A software company has an entire team for software developers and it has experience in various fields. By keeping its promise of maintaining long term relationships, they are ideal for big as well as new startups. Although you have to increase your budget when taking services from a software company but it’s worth the price.

Checklist for selecting a good software company

When you have a huge list of software houses (another name for companies doing custom software development) to choose from, finding the right one seems to be a daunting task. Go through this quick checklist before making a final decision:

  • Make sure that the software house has is well-reputed in the market and has a commendable portfolio
  • Do not forget to go through the testimonials
  • Check their former projects
  • Compare rates with other top-notch software houses
  • Inquire about the technology used in developing custom software
  • Discuss the time-frame and testing
  • Good software houses always provide in-depth consultancy
  • See if they are ready to assist in future maintenance

In short, custom software is the dire need for all startups in today’s business world. A proficient software house can hone business operations by providing tailor-made software. Thus, achieving goals will be easier!