Process overview

Unimonq approached with an existing system that was partially functional, but had several bugs and lacked certain features. The team worked on updating and extending the system, including a proposal to update the visuals. A key aspect of the development was working closely with the client to implement features, focusing on usability and allowing the client to adjust system parameters.

Challenges and goals

The primary challenges were related to updating the existing system without excessive costs. There were no specific technical challenges, but the team focused on finding cost-effective solutions, such as manually verifying user age and location (UK-based and 18+).

Our solutions

The solutions included enhancing the user experience by updating the UX, implementing a user verification system to ensure compliance with regional and age restrictions, and optimizing the system for better performance and usability.

The result

The updated Unimonq system went live with improved features and user verification mechanisms. The client was reportedly satisfied with the outcome, although specific details about the client’s review or quantitative results were not available.

For more detailed information about Unimonq you can visit their official website.